Michigan Sand Dunes Couples Adventure Session

To be honest I have completely underestimated Michigan as a whole...scratch that…the entire Midwest. I grew up always wanting to be anywhere else except the midwest. It is a region that felt fully discovered to me and places that had mountains...well I was just jealous that I was not there.

This couples session/elopement changed it all for me. 

I graduated from college where I lived in the southwest mountains for 3 years, and immediately moved back to the midwest with regret as I watched the mountains leave my rearview mirror. To give me my mountain adventure fix, I attended The Wander Workshop hosted by Dawn Photo and continued to regret ever leaving the West. On the other hand (here is the important part), I met some of the most talented photographers with genuine souls and this couples session was us trying to prove to ourselves and to others that  

the midwest is highly underrated.

PSA: The most EPIC florals you are about to see are by the talented Pomp and Bloom !

If you have made it this far, I think it is safe to say you agree with me...

the Midwest is damn beautiful and it needs to recognized as such.

I encourage you to get out there and explore it, I am sure you will find the most rewarding hidden treasures.