Bicycle Touring Couples Session at the Grand Canyon

Wes and Lo got engaged on their first bicycle touring trip in 2015. Fast-forward...they had a beautiful wedding and continue to go on epic touring adventures across the country. This year they go on the most exciting tour by far; a 4,000-mile trip from California to Illinois to complete their goal of cycling through every single state in America. One of their stops on this trip was at the Grand Canyon National Park and I got the opportunity to join them. They allowed me to photograph them and learn more about their life on the road. I first met them at a viewpoint along the Grand Canyon, we took in the awesome views, and I got to see their gear up close. We camped overnight and I probably asked 1,000 questions. One thing that stood out to me was when I asked Lo why they were touring, she responded with "for the adventure, the challenge...not many are doing it". The next morning we hiked to a viewpoint of the canyon, which left us in awe at its endlessness, and I bid them farewell as they continued on their adventure. 

What inspiration these two are and hope to be for others to get outdoors. Their love for the adventure and each other is truly beautiful.