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Chicago Wedding at the National Hellenic Museum

I have so much to say about this wedding; it has such a special place in my heart. When I met this amazing couple on their engagement session, we instantly connected. Their quirkiness and ability to be themselves in front of the camera, and in front a stranger, made their wedding THAT MUCH more fun. Learning about their love story and the struggles they went through to get to where they are, is truly an inspiration— they deserve the world.

First off, their wedding was held at the National Hellenic Museum, a diverse venue with a rooftop, galleries + exhibits for guests to explore, and a gorgeous reception area with windows for days. The couple wanted to include their culture by creating an Indian and Filipino fusion wedding… on top of the amazing culture the museum provides— truly unique!

The bride sang a LITTLE MERMAID song, may I repeat SHE BEAUTIFULLY SANG A LITTLE MERMAID SONG (that brought everyone to tears, including me behind the camera), before her walk down the aisle. As you will see, it also brought the groom to tears and it truly was a special moment.

Flowers for Dreams created beautiful floral designs to pair with the Chicago skyline, as well as table florals for the reception.

They finished off the night, by changing into each other’s traditional garb; the bride in an Indian sari and the groom in a traditional Filipino barong shirt. Might I also add that most of their guests traveled from ALL over the world to attend their wedding. Truly a diverse and culture-filled wedding, that was full of love and laughter.